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Doctor Who Fic Fest
4th-Sep-2006 10:21 pm
tea-serving penguin
Just to remind everyone that the pretty-lax-deadline-thing was August 31st: since it wasn't a set in stone deadline I'm not going to ask if people who haven't turned fics in want extensions (though I'm still writing mine so I'd have to grant one to myself right off) but if you know you're not going to get it done any time soon - say within the next few weeks - now's your chance to give up your claim so someone else can have a crack at it. At the end of this month any unwritten requests will go back to being unclaimed again.

I'm updating the list now with the stories people have turned in: if you posted a fic but didn't crosspost here, please link me to it. If there are any unclaimed requests on that list, feel free to jump in and claim one, if you reckon you can have it done by the end of this month.
4th-Sep-2006 09:56 pm (UTC)
Eep! I'm not giving up my claim yet, though. Thanks for jogging the ol' memory.
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