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Doctor Who Fic Fest
For biroid! 
11th-Oct-2006 09:30 pm
the light
Title: “Bacchus, Ever Fair and Young”
Author: aces
Rating: It’s only a little bit porny.

Based off of biroid’s requests (I apologize for taking so long!): FivexTurlough - AU. Turlough's exile is to 2007 on Earth, a modern-day school, and the Doctor somehow stumbles across him. You get my eternal love if Turlough's a little emo kid in a girls' jeans and eyeliner or something...
TenxTurlough - AU. Some sort of underground club on Earth, perhaps with Ten not having any idea where he is, but enjoying it anyway. Might be cool if Turlough's involved in illegal drugs, here.

First Note: I will swear under oath that I was not high while in the making of this fic. Oh, and you can take the eyeliner as read, yeah?
Second note: Title shamelessly nicked and modified from John Dryden.
Thanks to: uktechgirl for efficient beta-ing in the face of peculiarity. Yay!

Story can be found here.
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